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Helps maintain healthy liver function.

Boldo is a medium-sized evergreen tree native to Chile and belongs to the Monimiaceae family. Its leaf contains isocholine alkaloids derived from aporphine and noraporphine, of which more than twenty have been isolated, the most important being boldine and others in smaller quantities such as isoboldine, (+) reticuline, laurotetanine and laurolitsine. It also contains essential oil composed of monoterpene hydrocarbons (p-cymene, α and ß-pinene, α-terpinene, limonene, ß-phellandrene), oxygenated monoterpenes (1,8-cineole, linalool, camphor, ascaridol). It also contains flavonoids (rhamnetol, isorramnetol, kempferol).

Boldo has traditionally been used as a digestive (aperitif, choleretic and cholagogue), hepatoprotective, antioxidant, anti-atheromatous (inhibits lipid peroxidation), hypoglycaemic, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, anthelmintic, fungicide and cytoprotective.


  • Symptomatic relief of dyspepsia and mild gastrointestinal complaints of a spasmodic nature.
  • Minor hepatobiliary dysfunctions and as an adjuvant in the treatment of constipation.

Dry extract of boldo leaves (Peumus boldus Molina) standardised to 1% boldine 200 mg, bulking agent (cellulose), vegetable wrapper (pululan), carrier (shellac), sweetener (xylitol).

Take 1 or 2 capsules a day, with a glass of water.

Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep container in a cool, dry place out of reach of children. Contains sweetener. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

It is contraindicated in cases of bile duct obstruction, cholangitis, liver disease, biliary lithiasis and other conditions requiring medical supervision.

Pregnancy and lactation: None reported.

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