Fungineo, medicinal mushrooms in high concentrations

An innovative development within the context of Integrative Mycotherapy, the result of extensive clinical experience and in-depth knowledge of medicinal mushrooms.

Drinkable bottles with the highest concentrations of organic mushroom extracts on the market, vitamins and minerals that modulate the body's physiological action and make it possible to address, conveniently and in a single daily intake, deficiency situations and nutritional disorders as a holistic adjuvant supplement.

Exclusive formulations based on organic farming mushrooms

Fungineo offers exclusive and specific formulations, made from pure standardised extracts of organically grown mushrooms that provide the active ingredients in an unaltered form.

We study each species of medicinal mushroom to extract all its therapeutic potential and formulate the ideal synergy to enhance the joint effect in each product, increasing the functional activity and, therefore, the efficiency of each formula.


Natural ingredients

Fungineo products are made from organically produced medicinal mushroom extracts, vitamins, and minerals.

High concentrations

Liquid presentations in single-dose shots that offer the highest concentrations of organic mushroom extracts

Laboratory guarantee

with the guarantee of a leading laboratory in natural food supplements and specialist in integrative Mycotherapy.

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