Horsetail NEO

(45 capsules Equisetum arvense L. C.N.: 159156.2)


Horsetail is a perennial shrub of the Equisetaceae family. It comes from the northern hemisphere and owes its name to the shape of its hollow stems, which have narrow leaves that can remember the tail of equines. Precisely the active part of this plant are the stems, which contain abundant minerals, especially silicon. They also contain sterols, caffeic acid and phenolic acids (cinnamic, caffeoylshikimic and dicaffeoyltartaric). It also contains plenty of flavonoids.


Traditionally, the Horsetail has been used as:

  • Mild diuretic: reducing fluid accumulation in the body, which is a useful effect in cases of hypertension and overweight.
  • Hemostatic: balancing the blood volume.
  • Remineralizing product: due to its high concentration in silicon.

It is also thought that siliceous compounds contribute to maintaining the fundamental structure of connective tissue (collagen) and interact with calcium and phosphate metabolism.

Main indications

Diuretic (in cases of hypertension and overweight).

Ingredients per capsule

Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.) steril stems dry extract, standardized to 10% silica: 200 mg.


1 or 2 capsules daily, with a glass of water.


In cases of hypertension, in order to avoid the possibility of decompensating tension it is not recommended to take this plant without the supervision of a specialist.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding: effects have not been described.

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