Nutraceutics are nutritional supplements which have physiological benefits. According to formulas and amount of nutrients, proteins, fibers, vitamins and minerals, are perfect as dietary supplements.

Helps prevent male prostate affections

Helps reduce common cold and flu symptoms

To restore, strengthen or maintain immune health and defence system at any age.

A natural energy booster

To prevent and reduce varicose veins

Helps prevent and decrease urinary infections

Effective to induce sleep by relaxing the body

For physical and psychological alterations in health

Improving the quality of life of menopausal women

It promotes ATP energy production and is part of the energy-generating process at the cellular level

Helps reduce pain and swelling . Protector of cartilage

Helps decrease stress symptoms caused by everyday life

A balance of magnesium is vital for bones, nerve impulses and muscle function

Natural antioxidant and contains vitamin C