Mico Neo

It combines the two secrets of nature: mycotherapy: the science of medicinal mushrooms; and phytotherapy: the science of medicinal herbs. We study each plant to obtain the ideal synergy and enhance the effect of the mushrooms in each product increasing the functional activity and therefore, the efficiency of each formula.

The best ally for your health

A powerful kidney tonic.

Digestive and nervous regenerator.

Activation of the immune system

Cat’s Claw · Maitake · Sun Mushroom · Reishi · Shiitake · Cordyceps

Astragalus · Reishi · Cordyceps · Sun Mushroom

Everlasting Flower · Reishi · Lion’s Mane · Sun Mushroom

Olive · Reishi · Polyporus

Milk Thilstle · Reishi · Cordyceps · Shitake · Polyporus

Brahmi · Lion’s Mane · Reishi · Cordyceps

Chicory · Shiitake · Lion’s Mane · King Oyster

Turmeric · Reishi · Lion’s Mane · Shiitake

Lion’s Mane · Shiitake · King Oyster Mushroom

Reishi · Sun Mushroom · Shiitake