Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs Neo, a selection of medicinal plants in microgranules. A plant is considered medicinal when it contains specific substances that are beneficial to our organism. In this way, they not only nourish us against deficiencies in our diet or our lifestyle, but also provide elements that help us to live healthier.

Lower blood lipids. Fluidize blood.

Digestive dyspepsia. Cholesterol.

Antioxidant effect. Liver protection. Reduces blood cholesterol.

Varicose vein and heavy legs pain. Hemorrhoids.

Diuretic: in case of hypertension and overweight.

Common cold. Respiratory tract infections.

Mild cardiac insufficiency. Alterations in cardiac and circulation.

Overweight. Satiety-inducing agent. Antiaging skin.

Osteoarticular inflammation. Gastric ulcers.